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Getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there.

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Is your organization facing poor productivity, absenteeism, lack of leadership bench, safety issues, poor customer service, or a toxic work culture? We can help.

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Human Capital Consultants (Human CC) brings 20 years’ experience spanning work in the profit, non-profit and government sectors.

We align your people strategy to your business strategy to optimize results.

As a certified partner of Predictive Index, we use science to optimize talent. Our proprietary system shows with pinpoint accuracy where and how to leverage top talent and build cohesive teams.

Certified partner for The Predictive Index

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Verify ApplyJob Seeker (Employee) Perspective:

Imagine how meaningful work could feel if you delivered value exclusively in your area of expertise and worked according to your schedule. and are an community of verified and available job seekers who aspire to earn income in minimum time. No more scanning job lists or waiting through a long drawn out hiring process. completes a one-time verification of your credentials, education, references and experience so you can go right to work doing what you do best. pairs you with jobs most suited to your preferences. Receive instant payment for completed work while building your virtual reputation. A pre-agreed trial period precedes moving to contract. and stop chasing jobs; we bring them to you!

One-time Verification. Meaningful Work. Instant Pay.

Job MatchJob Creator (Employer) Perspective:

Imagine how meaningful work could feel if every job fit every worker, each and every time. offers a pipeline of verified and available job seekers that fit your company culture and add value to your business today. No more staffing fees or wasted time and resources sorting through applications, conducting extensive interviews, or completing required paperwork. authenticates worker backgrounds, credentials, education, references and experiences, which pairs the right worker with the right company and culture.
A pre-agreed reciprocal trial period precedes moving to contract. and stop chasing talent; we bring it to you!

Verified Workers. Perfect Fit. Available Now.

Let Freedom Ring – American Democracy at Work

Let Freedom Ring – American Democracy at Work

By Maggie Owens You might wonder why a registered Independent who voted Democrat in the last election would change her voter registration to Republican?  Recently a mentor of mine and I were conversing about politics. He mentioned he was an Eisenhower Republican. I...

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Success Comes From Gumption

Having spent over 2 decades in HR, and having taught for over 10 years at the university level, my experience is the best employees are ones who have gained self-awareness and social awareness. They have learned to use their EQ (emotional intelligence) in addition to...

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Reducing Racial Bias in Juvenile Infractions

Those of us who think discrimination and bias doesn't happen here only need to look at today's Sioux Falls Argus Leader for an example of the grave impact through unintended consequences and biases: In 2012 SD had the second highest juvenile incarceration rate in the...

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