Those of us who think discrimination and bias doesn’t happen here only need to look at today’s Sioux Falls Argus Leader for an example of the grave impact through unintended consequences and biases:
In 2012 SD had the second highest juvenile incarceration rate in the nation. Minnehaha and Pennington Counties piloted a program to reduce juvenile incarceration. 5 years later, juvenile incarceration is down by 1/3, but while the number of white kids jailed dropped by half, incarceration of color kids hasn’t changed. Youth of color now account for 65% of juveniles behind bars. Even though the Juvenile Corrections used a supposedly objective risk assessment instrument to decide which kids get supervised release, this racial disparity indicates a problem that must be addressed by society, by parents and by Juvenile Corrections. It takes a village, and we are all part of the problem and all part of the solution.