Having spent over 2 decades in HR, and having taught for over 10 years at the university level, my experience is the best employees are ones who have gained self-awareness and social awareness. They have learned to use their EQ (emotional intelligence) in addition to their IQ and personality. Those who are life-long learners will always succeed in a bigger way in life and in business. These skills come from any major in any occupation. What’s on the inside will always determine what we get on the outside.

To get and keep an engaged workforce, we need people who know themselves and pursue their passions. Degree or no degree, and regardless of type of degree, my experience and belief is that a specific type of education does not determine one’s elevation. But attaining and sustaining a growth mindset offers limitless potential for oneself and for the companies that employ them.
The old model of hiring was for technical skills. The new model of hiring is for interpersonal skills and soft skills. My experience is that most employers would be happy to train the technical skills if they found a person who embodies a growth mindset.