Talent Sourcing

Is the cost of acquiring top talent and delays in filling business-critical positions impacting your results?

Let’s talk tight labor market . . .  

In 2009, there were 40 applicants for every open position. By comparison, today there are 0.9 candidates for each open position.  

Can you afford to wait and see who comes to you?

  • No high % contingency recruiting fees
  • No lengthy delays
  • No additional fees for candidates when hired

We source qualified candidates for your exempt-level leadership positions for a small monthly fee.

How does it work?

What we do: Our job is to take the burden off your company’s HR department.

  • HumanCC will actively source up to 3 leadership positions per month, or up to 9 leadership positions over a 90-day period.
  • We will promote your company and provide the hiring managers with qualified, pre-screened candidates each month of your search for a small monthly fee.
  • We source domestically-based positions in the United States.
  • We concierge the hiring process
    • Assist with job descriptions, write job ads, vet candidates, and conduct necessary reference checks, background investigations etc.   
  • We get to know you!
    • We complete a new client consultation at your business location to meet your hiring managers, tour your facilities, learn your culture, values and strategy.  

What you do:

  • You pay a monthly fee for recruitment for up to 3 exempt-level leadership positions each month. If you hire them, you pay nothing additional.
  • You can customize your contract based on your recruitment needs.
  • You will always have an “opt out” option. If we are not doing our job, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Give me an example

Assume you are sourcing 3 open positions at your company with annual salaries of $70,000, $85,000 and $100,000:

  • If you contract with a typical outsource recruiter at a significantly reduced rate of 20%, when hired you pay $51,000.


When you contract with us, you only pay a small monthly fee. No additional costs are incurred if you choose to hire the qualified candidates presented.

  • $5,000 / month for up to 3 open exempt-level positions
  • $4,000 / month for up to 2 open exempt-level positions
  • $3,000 / month for 1 open exempt-level position

=  total savings of $48,750 assuming a 90-day search window (3 positions filled)

=  total savings of $15,250 assuming a 60-day search window (1 position / salary of $85,000)

Differentiated by service & fit

We take the time to understand your business, culture and hiring needs rather than just push you candidates. Our virtually sourced candidates fit your job, your manager, your culture and your company.

Human CC – we bring laser-like focus to your critical business openings.


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